English WINTRACK version

You're visiting the site of the brand new version of WINTRACK in the English language. We're proud to announce a new translated version of the leading track planing software in Europe. Now our English speaking customers can use this software with ease.

You can plan your layout up to the dimension of 50 x 50 meters.

WINTRACK 16.0 includes a complete 3D viewer, with which you can generate a realistic display within seconds.



2D Features

A great variety of track systems are included as symbol files for different scales:

Märklin: H0 (M, K and C),  Z (mini-club), and 1
Hübner: 1
Fleischmann: H0 (Modell, Profi), N (Piccolo)
Trix: H0 (International, Express, C), N (Minitrix)
Roco: H0 (GeoLine, RocoLine with and without bedding, 2.5 mm) , H0e and N
Tillig: TT (Standard, Advanced, with bedding), H0 (Standard, Elite), H0e, H0m
Peco: H0 (Code 100, Code 83, Code 75, H0m/e) N (Code 80, Code 55) 0 (Code 124)
Lima: H0 (nickel silver)
Arnold: N
Hornby: N
Kato: H0, N (Unitrack)
Bemo: H0e, H0m (including Shinohara Code 70)
Piko: H0 (A), G
LGB: G (brass and nickel silver)
Lenz: 0
Ferro-Flex: 0m
Weinert: H0 (Mein Gleis)
KM1: 1 und 1e
Kuehn-modell: TT
Rokuhan: Z
Tomix: N

More typical american  track systems will be implemented soon. Visit our site for more info.

There are also libraries for catenary (Sommerfeldt, Viessmann, Märklin, Vollmer), for creating Display interlocking machines (Heki GBS), realistic modell street (Faller CAR SYSTEM) also water ways. Libraries for structures and accessories in 2D and 3D view of the major producers of kits (Faller, Kibri, Pola, Auhagen, Vollmer, Piko, Viessmann, Busch, Brawa, etc.) are also included:

- Signal
- Tunnels and Portal
- Depot
- Semaphores
- Engine houses
- Track side buildings
- Factories, Business and Industry buildings
- Different houses
- Military installations
- Backdrop
- Bridges
- Lamps
- Bushes and trees
- Locomotive and rolling stock
- Cars
- Persons

For 3D visualizition of most of these symbols you need one or more suppl.-CDs.

You can create: modules, bitmap, helix, flextrack and automatic connections. You can also create your own tracks and turnouts. With the 3D view you can see the shape of the ribs for the bench work.

The software offers the possibilty to draw in 99 different layers. They can be shown all together or seperately.

Your plan can be exported to the following file format: DXF, JPG, BMP, WMF.

Special features help you to make a parts list, an inventory or a price list for the tracks you need for your dream layout.

The included printer interface is able to create prints up to scale 1:1.


3D View

Using the 3D view allows you to change the angle of the camera, the light situation, the topography, and different views (tracks, landscape and structures; tracks and benchwork only; tracks only)

You can save the 3D view as BMP-file or make printouts from it. It's also possible to export the ribs to DXF format.


3D Editor

Also part of the WINTRACK software is a 3D editor. You can create your own objects in 3D or 2D.


CD with 3D structures and accessories

If you only want to use more 3D objects without drawing them yourself, you can buy 21 different CDROMs packed with much more 3D stuff. (Depots, structures, locomotives and rolling stock, cars etc. ...)

Detailed overview about the CDROMs with 3D structures and accessories


WinTrack V16.0 3D Demo version

You can download a free DEMO version (you can not save or print with it)

Demo version 16.0 (17,1 MB)

Actually the complete program with all libraries will be installed.
The complete English manual and tutorial is included in the help files.


WinTrack V16.0 3D Complete version

To use the English version of WINTRACK you have to order it on CDROM or you have to buy a licence key for the Demo version.
About 120 backdrops are only available with the CD-version.
WinTrack 16.0 3D (CDs)

(open list for possible options; shipping 6,50)
WinTrack 16.0 3D (licence key)

(open list for possible options)
Important for buyers of the licence-key:
We will create a personal key based on the buyers-data we received from Paypal after the purchase. After typing in the key in the licence dialog in the demo version, you can use all WinTrack-functions without restriction. Only the buyer has the right to use the key. It is not allowed to give it to someone else or publish it. The licence key will be created manually. This means, it can be last up to 24h until we send it to you by email.

Important for buyers of the CDROM:
If you installed WinTrack from the CD, you need the following files to use it in English language:

English version 16.0.4 (17,1 MB)

For installation run the downloaded file.
The English manual and tutorial is included in the help files.

Older versions:
English version 15.0 (14,5 MB)
English version 14.0 (14,6 MB)
English version 13.0 (8,2 MB)
English version 12.0 (7,2 MB)
English version 11.0 (7,2 MB)


Minimum requirement

PC IBM compatible with Intel Pentium** 1000 MHz or higher. OS MICROSOFT Windows* 2000 and above, CD ROM drive, video device VGA minimum 16 Bit (65.535 colours), free HD space 100 MB, 512 MB RAM for 3D viewing.




A support desk for users is implemented in English language . To contact us use the following e-mail usa@wintrack.de

* Windows is a trademark of the MICROSOFT Company
** Pentium is a trademark of the INTEL Company